NPPO Nepal

NPPO Nepal

Plant Protection Directorate is one of the Major Technical Directorate under the Department of Agriculture. Plant Protection Directorate is designated as National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) of Nepal. It is located at Lalitpur, Nepal. It has major responsibility of implementing Plant protection policies and programs of Ministry of Agricultural Development, Government of Nepal. National Plant Quarantine Program, Pesticide Registration and Management Division, Regional Plant Protection Laboratories are the major components of Plant Protection Directorate. Besides, all the District Agriculture Development Offices who are local level service providers have vertical linkage with plant Protection Directorate.

Major Plant Protection Activities Conducted by NPPO Nepal

  • Implementation of IPM Program
  • Pest survey and surveillance
  • Pesticides Management
  • Biopesticides promotion program
  • Human Resources Development
  • Pest diagnostic services
  • Pesticides residue analysis
  • Emergency plant protection services
  • Information exchange

National IPM Program

Government of Nepal has adopted the IPM Program as national plant protection strategy. IPM program is implemented on crop based farmers field school approach. Different curriculums on cereals, vegetables and fruit crops are developed. Crop linked farmers' field school and follow-up program are adopted under the IPM program. Human resource development, farmers resource centre, model IPM village, IPM product market outlet are the major activities performed by National IPM program. Human resource development at different levels, training curriculum development, guidelines and norms preparation are made at central level and program is implemented at local level.

Plant Quarantine

Plant quarantine program is conducted under the plant protection act 2007 and plant protection regulation 2010. The service is provided by National Plant Quarantine Program, Regional Plant Quarantine offices, plant quarantine check posts and sub check posts. Regional plant quarantine offices and plant quarantine check posts are located at different land frontiers and at international airport. Inspecting consignments, treatment of the consignments, issuance of phytosanitary certificate and entry permit, pest surveillance are some major activities performed under plant quarantine program.

Pesticides Management

Pesticides management activities are performed based on the provision made by Pesticide Act 1991 and Pesticide Regulation 1993. Pesticide Registration and Management Division is mandated to enact the Pesticide Act and regulation.  Till 2013, pesticides of 107 common names including 44 insecticides, 4 acaricides, 31 fungicides, 2 rodenticides, 1 molluscicide, 6 bio-pesticides, 18 herbicides and 1 bactericide are registered. Likewise fifteen  pesticides of different common names are banned. Pesticides residues analysis services are in practiced. Nepal is a signatory to FAO code of conduct on the distribution and use of pesticides and is implementing its provisions. It is the member of Rotterdam Convention, Stockholm Convention and Basel Convention. 

Organizational Arrangements of Plant Protection


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