PPS Nepal Executive Committee

Successful completion of the General Assembly of Plant Protection Society Nepal (PPS Nepal)

On 32 Ashad 2068 (as of 16 July, 2011), the General Assembly of Plant Protection Society- Nepal was successfully held in the premises of Department of Agriculture. More than hundred Plant Protectionists from different organizations, such as Department of Agriculture, Nepal Agriculture Research Council (NARC), Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS), Rampur, NGOs and INGOs representatives and students of the Agriculture Institutes participated the program. The participants were from varying levels of senior fellows to the college graduates, on which the society has been enjoying.

Three key papers were presented in the workshop. These include the experience sharing visit in US based North Dakota University by Full Bright Scholar (Dr. B. N. Mahato, Principal Scientist, NARC), Status of pesticide use, plant protection activities and future strategies of Plant Protection Directorate (Dr. Yubak Dhoj G. C., Program Director and National IPM Co-ordinator) and Abstracts of the forthcoming journal (Dr. Suroj Pokharel, Program Director, Crop Production Directorate). The first session was chaired by Mr. Bharat Updhaya, the then President of PPSN. The inaugural as well as workshop remained very interactive and useful among the participants.

As a second task of the program, the general assembly had to form the Executive Committee of Plant Protection Society as the tenure of the previous Executive committee was successfully completed in the leadership of Mr. Bharat Prasad Upadhaya. The out-going Executive Committee was reshuffled upon thanking to all the members. The house assigned this task for the formation of new committee to the Chairman of Agriculture Committee Nepal, Mr. Shambhu Kumar Shrestha and he actively completed his role. After slight briefing to the participants, he opened the forum and announced the rules to the candidates while contesting in the committee.

The formation of new Executive Committee was successfully completed even though more than one candidate applied for all the positions except for the position for President and General Secretary. In these two positions, Dr. Yubak Dhoj G. C. and Mr. Achut Prasad Dhakal respectively, were unanimously selected from the house. After some negotiation, rest of the positions was also fulfilled through selection and nomination process. The newly formed Executive committee includes:

  1. Dr. Yubak Dhoj G.C., President
  2. Dr. Suroj Pokharel, Vice-President
  3. Mr. Achut Prasad Dhakal, General Secretary
  4. Mr. Durga Duwadi: Co-Secretary
  5. Mr. Nabin Prasad Sharma, Treasure
  6. Mr. Krishna Bhadra Adhikari: Member 
  7. Dr. B. N. Mahato: Member
  8. Mr. Jagadish Bhakta Shrestha: Member
  9. Mrs. Sashi Adhikari: Member
  10. Mr. Sundar Tiwari: Member
  11. Mr. Parshu Ram Rawat

First round meeting was held immediately in the same hall after the formation of the executive body. The meeting expressed its gratitude and thanked to all who participated in the General Assembly and to the outgoing executive committee and to the election chiefs. The meeting unanimously agreed to continue to take the steps initiated by the outgoing committee. Also, discussion were made to form a Advisory Committee from the reputed personalities including NARC, IAAS, Agriculture Department, INGO, NGO sectors as well as from the plant protection professionals. Newly formed committee expressed its dedication to continue Plant Protection Journals and other activities by seeking co-operations from all the corners. The information about Plant Protection Society-Nepal will be linked up in the official website of Plant Protection Directorate (PPD), which is www.ppdnepal.gov.np

  Executive Committee 2059/12/14
1 President Mr. Ganesh Kumar KC
2 Vice President Mr. Jagadish Bhakta Shrestha
3 General Secretary Mr. Dinesh Babu Tiwari
4 Treasurer Ms. Nalini S. Upadyaya
5 Member Mr. Parasuram Adhikari
6 Member Mr. Krishan Bhadar Adhikari
7 Member Mr. Rajiv Das Rajbhandari
8 Member Mr. Narayan Prasad Bhandari
  Executive Committee 2060/6/9
1 President Mr. Ganesh Kumar KC
2 Vice President Ms. Sashi Adhikari
3 General Secretary Mr. Sarad Chandra Parasar Marahatta
4 Secretary Mr. Narayan Bhandari
5 Treasurer Ms. Nalini S. Upadyaya
6 Member Mr. Rajiv Das Rajbhandari
7 Member Mr. Yam Kumar Shrestha
8 Member Mr. Phanindra Devkota
9 Member Ms. Sharada Joshi
10 Member Mr. Ram Babu Paneru
11 Member Mr. Ratna Kumar Jha
  Executive Committee 2063/7/2
1 President Mr. Ganesh Kumar KC
2 Vice President Dr. Suroj Pokharel
3 General Secretary Mr. Sarad Chandra Parasar Marahatta
4 Secretary Mr. Basudev Bhandari
5 Treasurer Ms. Nalini S. Upadyaya
6 Member Dr. Raju Raj Pande
7 Member Dr. Yubak Dhoj GC
8 Member Mr. Krishna Bhadra Adhikari
9 Member Mr. Rajiv Dash Rajbhandari
10 Member Mr. Ratna Kumar Jha
11 Member Mr. Achut Prasad Dhakal
  Executive Committee 2065/4/11
1 President Mr. Bharat Prasad Upadhaya
2 Vice President Dr. Suroj Pokharel
3 General Secretary Mr. Basudev Bhandari
4 Secretary Mr. Ratna Kumar Jha
5 Treasurer Mr. Achut Prasad Dhakal
6 Member Dr. Yubak Dhoj GC
7 Member Dr. Baidyanan Mahato
8 Member Mr. Hem Raj Pokharel
9 Member Mr. Yak Kumar Shrestha
10 Member Mr. Siddhi Jivan Bhusal
11 Member Mr. Jhalendra Rijal