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Plant Protection Society Nepal (PPS Nepal)

With an objective to bring in a common forum for all the Plant Protectionists (the professionals, policy makers, researchers, academicians, technical staffs and businessmen related to this field), Plant Protection Society Nepal (in abbreviation PPS Nepal) was officially established on 13th March 2002 (As of 14/12/2059). Initially, this initiative was taken by the pioneering plant protection professionals actively engaged in the plant protection disciplines of the Department of Agriculture under the Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives. Later on this society enlarged with its increasing number of plant protection professionals involved in other organizations such as research, academic, I/NGOs with its hundreds of active members. Being a professional society, the primary mottos are to bring all the plant protection stakeholders in a common platform for the constructive engagements so as to contribute the nation through different creative activities. This society is non-aligned to any of the political, racial, ethnical, regional, ideological bases rather intends to integrate all kinds of ideas which could be shared from young as well as pioneering plant protection professionals so that, contribution could be made for the betterment of the agrarian community as well as to the nation as a whole. In fact, this society is professionally loyal to the plant protection discipline so that new and new ideas and issues of plant protection areas can be shared through different functions like seminars, workshop, conference, talk program, idea sharing meetings in relevant forums. It publishes Plant Protection Journal regularly along with some occasional papers. Ever since of its establishment, the society has received warm patron- ship and  caring support from the experienced plant protection professionals active in agricultural development, research and teaching.


PPS Nepal has established its official secretariat within the premises of Plant Protection Directorate (PPD), Hariharbhawan, Lalitpur, which can be accessed any time of the official hours upon contacting to the president or members of the executive committee. It has maintained website where the information with regard to the society's activities can be accessed through the official website of Plant Protection Directorate at: www.ppdnepal.gov.np link with PPS Nepal. The society humbly request to all the plant protection professionals to become the members of the society and contribute through different means for its growth. Contemporary ideas, research articles, thoughts, concepts and any forms of creative suggestions and contributions are highly welcomed. Plant Protection Society Nepal published 4 volumes of Journal of the Plant Protection Society Nepal.


On behalf of the Executive Committee

Achyut Prasad Dhakal
Plant Protection Society Nepal
Hariharbhavan, Lalitpur, Nepal
Telephone: (++) 977-1-5521597, 5535844
Fax: (++) 977-1- 5010112, 5535845
Email: plantprotectionsociety.nepal@gmail.com
Link: PPS Nepal